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Vesak Day: A Day to Commemorate the Buddha


Three major events in the Buddha’s life – birth, enlightenment, and passing away – which constitute the Vesak Day celebration.

Vesak Day, the holiest day in Buddhism, sees the full moon of the month of May, and Buddhists throughout the world celebrate the birthenlightenment (or awakening), and death of the Buddha (known as parinirvana). It is a celebration for us to do good for ourselves and others. Vesak Day is also known as Buddha Jayanti, Buddha Purnima or Visakha Buja Day in Thailand.

Prince Siddhartha was born on the full moon day in the month of May at Lumbini in modern-day Nepal as a prince to a royal family of the Sakyan Kingdom. 2500 years ago when Prince Siddhartha was born mordern day Nepal was part of India. At the age of 35 Prince Siddhartha attained enlightment and became Lord Buddha under a Bo Tree at modern day Bihar, India on a full moon day in the month of May.


At the age of 80, the Lord Buddha fell ill while on his way to Kusinara (modern-day Kushinagar in India), and passed away on the day of the full moon in the Month of May.

Buddhists in India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam may light candles and put up decorations to celebrate Vesak Day, while Japanese and Chinese Buddhists may bathe a statue of the Buddha in scented water.  

Buddhist Temple Trisikkha at Townsville will be celebrating the Vesak Day on Saturday 3rd June 2023. We invite everyone to participate on the Vesak Day celebration at our temple.


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