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Visitor Guide


A Guide to Temple Etiquette 

Visitor Information

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the Buddhist worshipping and praying areas of the Temple.

  • Don't touch sacred statues, Buddha Statues or Tooth relics in the worship area.

  • When visiting the temple dress modestly. Please cover up. Show Respect. 

  • Do remove hats, sunglasses, and shoes when entering a worship area.

  • Do silence your mobile phone, remove headphones and lower your voice.

  • Do show respect.

  • Do not smoke, use drugs or alcohol, spit, chew gum, or snack while walking around. MANY Theravada monks do not eat at afternoon.

  • Do not disturb monks or anyone else who are worshipping.

  • Women may never touch a monk or his robes. Even hugs from a monk's own mother are off limits while he is in monkhood. Touching a monk on accident (e.g., brushing against the robes in a crowded place) requires the monk to perform a lengthy cleansing process, assuming he acknowledges the contact.

  • Sexual Intercourse is forbidden for monks.

  • If you must hand a monk something (e.g., Donation), put the object down in front of the table that the monk sits at and allow the monk to pick it up.


"Anjali" Hand Gesture of Worshipping

When worshipping Lord Buddha and Monks as well as when praying to Lord Buddha, your hands can be held together in prayer-like fashion raised to the slightly lowered forehead. To bow correctly, kneel with your buttocks on the heels and clasp your hands together in Anjali hand gesture.


Few Tips to Our Visitors

The Buddhist Way of Life

The standards of practice at Buddhist Temple Trisikkha are in keeping with those exemplified in the Thai Theravada Buddhist traditions. Visitors from non-Buddhist backgrounds may find the Temple etiquette and customs unfamiliar. 

Before entering a shrine room or any worshipping area, it is necessary to remove one’s shoes.

Monks consume their daily meals in the period between dawn and noon.

In Theravada Buddhist tradition, monks lead a life of total celibacy.

The Monk can be addressed as "Ajahn" or as "Bhante".

Inspirational Buddhist Quotes

"When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything"

Ajahn Chah

No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again”


                “With our thoughts we make the world”



“Believe nothing, No matter where you read it, or who said it, No matter if I have said it, Unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense”



Na hi verena verani

sammantidha kudacanam

averena ca sammanti

esa dhammo sanantano”


Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world.

By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased, This is an eternal law.

 Buddha teachings - Dhammpada

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